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Woman Issues Related to Hajj

by | Aug 7, 2015

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Woman issues while going Hajj are as follows.

Woman Issues Related To Hajj Question No 1:

Can a woman go to Hajj without any mahram??


A woman cannot perform Hajj without a Mahram. Hajj without Mahram is not allowed in Islam for a woman. Holy Prophet said:

“No woman should travel except with a mahram.” 

A man stood up and said, 

“O Messenger of Allah, my wife has set out for Hajj, and I have signed up for such-and-such a military campaign.” 

The Prophet (PBUH) said: 

“Go and do Hajj with your wife.” 

A mahram is a person who is always with her or marries her “Husband” because he protects her and takes care of her. Therefore, a woman who does not have any Mahram with her will not be obligated to perform Hajj.

Al-Bukhari narrates that the Holy Prophet(PBUH) said:

“It is not allowed for a woman to travel a day and night’s distance except with a Mahram.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Therefore, a woman cannot travel for Hajj without her husband or Mahram. Therefore, a woman must go for Hajj with Mahram because, without Mahram, her Hajj is not accepted.

Woman Issues Related To Hajj Question#2:

Can a woman perform Hajj while she is menstruating?


A woman can perform Hajj in a state of menstruating except tawaf. It is permissible to enter the state of Ihram and perform all the requirements of Hajj except for the tawaf. She can also Sa’i between Safa and Marwah in the state of menstruation.

The Prophet (PBUH) told `Aishah when she had her menses during Hajj: 

“Do the same as the pilgrims, but do not make tawâf around the House.” 

[Sahîh al-Bukhârî (294) and Sahîh Muslim (1211)] 

When the woman’s menstruating period is over, she can perform the tawaf she had missed. But, if the woman’s menstruating period starts during the Hajj when she has performed tawaf al-ifadah, she may complete her Hajj as usual, and she will be excused from performing tawaf al-wida. woman issues

Woman Issues Related To Hajj Question#3:

Is it allowed for women to wear jewelry, socks, or gloves in the state of Ihram?


Yes, it is permissible for women to wear jewelry, socks, or gloves in the state of Ihram. 

Woman Issues Related To Hajj Question#4:

How much hair does a woman require to cut?


Women should cut their hair equal to the tip of the fingers (equal to one-third of a finger). Women must perform Hajj after cutting their nails and hair.

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