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What are you collecting?

by | Jun 24, 2014

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It is time for the self analyses that what are you collecting. One day, a king called three of his best royal ministers in his court. Giving them a bag individually, he ordered all three of them to fill their bag with fruits. All of them were entered in a garden to fulfill the  job. Every one in court was astonished by the king’s strange order. No one knew the purpose behind the job, as this task could have been assigned to any servant, why top royal ministers?

As it was king’s order, so all of them entered the garden holding their bags.

First one of them tried to collect the best fruit. To please the king, he tried his best to collect the fresh and healthy most fruit in the garden. And after trying hard, he was successful in filling his bag with careful selection of the best fresh fruit in the garden.

The second royal minister thought, king wouldn’t be that much free to inspect each and every fruit in the bag, neither he would check the difference between every fruit. So he collected every fruit in his bag which he saw. Without noticing, he collected all the ripened, raw, over ripened and rotten fruit.

The third one was even careless; he just focused on filling the bag. As per his view, king was interested in just a filled bag, and he wouldn’t bother opening it.So, Thinking this, he stuffed his bag with leaves, stems, grass and straws, thus saved his time and effort.

Next day, king ordered all of them to appear in court with their bags. When they reached court with their bags, king did not even bother to open any bag and ordered them to be sent in a far away prison along with their bags for 3 months.

Time to Collect Fruits:

In that far away prison, they had nothing to eat else their collection in their bags. Now the first minister, who collected best and fresh fruit, spent his time easily by consuming the fruit he collected. He easily managed to complete his time period. And The second one, who collected all fruits with out monitoring their quality, faced troubles. Good fruits were finished in few days, and then he had to rely on unripen and rotten fruit. So, Due to eating such unripen and rotten fruits he got ill and was in constant trouble during those 3 months of trial.

The third one faced terrible conditions. As he had collect only stems and straws from garden, he had nothing to eat. So he survived only few days and then he was starved to death.

Just for a while, lets consider our selves in the plot of story. What are you collecting?

Are you collecting the best fruit of choice of your Lord?

Or just collecting what ever comes in your way?

Or Stuffing Your Bag With Straws And Stones? What Are You Collecting?

You are in a garden of trial right now, where you can collect fruits of your choice, fruits of choice of your Lord ALLAH, just stuff your bag with stones. Now you have time to collect, but remember once you are called by ALLAH, you would put in grave! Where you would be alone, you would have nothing else your bag of deeds. You would have to depend solely on the deeds you did when you were alive.

So my brothers and sisters in islam! Be mindful of what are you collecting today. Of course it would be a little hard to divert your attentions from the beauty of garden (dunya), it would be a little bit difficult to collect the best fruit ( good deeds). The best fruit may be hanging on the top of tree, which would be hard to reach or it may be surrounded by thorns. But your duty is to struggle. Today’s effort would result into tomorrows comfort.

Did you care? What are you collecting?

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