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My journey to Islam

by | Jan 6, 2015

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My journey has been an outgoing transition and a difficult one. I had faced a lot of difficulties during transition to Islam, but on the other side I also see a lot of beauty in it. During transition to Islam I have lost my family, I have lost my friends. Every one criticized me because of my faith even my dearest friends and my teachers criticized me a lot. My teachers could not even look at me. No one knew how much difficulties a scarf put between us.

On the other side I have met a lot of owsum people, I have seen the kindest and pure souls in the world and the best thing I have done in my life is my journey to Islam.

Before returning to Islam, I did not know any Muslim, I had little information about Islam and I did not understand it. I was completely lost in the lust of world. I was totally out of touch with Islam. But suddenly and luckily I felt a lot of changes in me from a girl that had no interest in Islam to someone who was convinced that I was born to be a Muslim. I am the blessed one for having taken part in this purest transformation.

One day I was reading a piece of newspaper for my social sciences class on Syrian crisis. Suddenly I saw the line that Bashar al Assad was a Muslim, it intrigued me and I was thinking that what was a Muslim? I just researched on Islam and took out some Islamic books all this changes me from inside I felt strange truth and peace during my journey to Islam. I felt that I am in love with Islam and with these teachings; I felt that I am in love with Allah Almighty. For becoming Muslim I needed to say shahada but in my school I knew no Muslims.

Librarian noticed me that I am researching and finding books related to Islam she referred me to omer. Omer came from Syria, was 24 years old and was a school technician.

I went to him and I told him the whole story that what had changed my mind for so long and he just froze. His whole face lit up and suddenly he went from a distant uninterested man to one who very much wanted to help me. He told me also about Islamic teachings and invited me to meet his father and could not stop asking me that what had changed my mind and introduced me to Islam, and how my journey to Islam was.

I took my shahadah on 2nd November, 2013, omer’s father pronounced my shahada but that was a beginning of a lot of social problems related to my journey to Islam.

My closest friends and class mates slowly left me and began to criticize me about it. How ridiculous it was for a Samoan tomboy to become a “ninja” (reference to the niqab). I had met another Muslim teacher that teacher was very interested to help me and I was so happy. i told that teacher about my whole journey from lust to Islam.

I hid it from my family until I could finally come out with it and walk around with my hijab and pray and make wudu openly. But when my family heard about me they were shocked and disgusted. They took me towards the pastor’s wife’s house to remove evil from me.

They threw all my books my abayas, prayer mats scarves which broke me from inside they signed me over to foster care.

It was hard for me to leave my family, I was feeling unwanted but Allah Almighty wanted me. Then I went to zayed collage which was only Islamic collage for girls I was exposed to such lovely girls and their beautiful family.

Because of all these difficulties I felt strange peace inside me. I was happy that I am spending a true life with true religion. I had learnt a lot during my journey to Islam.

I think that becoming a Muslim is a big change. The most important thing is your salaat. Pray first, go to mosque and that will be sure to help new Muslims. Read and listen Islamic lectures and help others.

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