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Helping A Widow

by | Mar 23, 2015

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Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) said. “The one who strives on behalf of a widow and the needy is like a warrior in the path of Allah”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

May Allah guides us to what is right for indeed, He is Generous, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful!

Once a respectable man came to Balkh in Iran along with his wife and daughters. Soon after their arrival, the man fell ill and after some days he died, leaving his family alone. After his death, his family became poor and suffered from many difficulties. So fearing the mockery of enemies, his wife fled Balkh with her daughters to another town. When they arrived there the weather was very cold. The mother left her daughters in the mosque and went out in search of some food. When she went out in search of food she found two groups of people.

Two groups of People:

One group was gathered around a Muslim Sheikh. And another group around a Zoroastrian (Majusi) who was the security officer of the city.

Firstly she went to the first group and describes her whole situation in front of the sheik. I am a widow and my daughters are alone and there is no one to help us and we have nothing to eat. Also, I  left my daughters in the local mosque. After hearing her whole story the sheik asked her that shows me any proof that you are from a respectable family. She said that I am new here and therefore do not know anyone to testify for me. The Widow departed from him brokenhearted.

She then went to the Zoroastrian and told her situation to him. The woman told him about her noble background and her orphaned daughters who were, waiting for her return in the mosque. She also told him how the Sheikh had treated her. The Zoroastrian stood up and sent some women folk to bring her daughters and took all of them to his house. There he treated them with honor and generosity. He fed them fine food and clothed them in rich garments.

Dream of Sheikh:

That night the Sheikh saw in a dream the Day of Judgment and the banners were unfurled around the Prophet (PBUH). Ahead of him, there was a green palace made of emeralds, its balconies of pearls and rubies and domes of pearls and corals. He then asked the Prophet (PBUH), “Messenger of Allah, whose palace is this?” The Prophet (Pbuh) answered.

“This palace is For a Muslim.” The Sheikh answered, “I am a Muslim!” The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Prove to me that you are a Muslim?” At that, the Sheikh was dumbstruck. The Prophet (Pbuh) then said that you asked a woman to bring any proof of her respectability. and therefore my question to you, is can you produce proof that you are a Muslim?” At this point, the Sheikh felt ashamed about his conduct with the woman.

The Zoroastrian Reward And A Widow:

In the morning, he immediately went out in search of a woman. He heard that she was staying with the Zoroastrian and so-called for him. When the Zoroastrian arrived, the Sheikh request that sends the widow and her daughters to him. The Zoroastrian replied, “Under no circumstance! I  received great blessings from her.” The Sheikh said that I will give you a thousand dinars and bring them to me.” He said, “Impossible!

He told them that I and my family had accepted Islam last night and I dream something similar to what you dream. He told him that prophet (PBUH) asked me in the dream that is that noblewomen and her daughters are with you I replied yes they are with me then the prophet (PBUH) told me that this palace is for you and your family.  At that, the Sheikh remained sorrowful for the missed opportunity of earning a high position in Paradise, due to his misconduct with the widowed woman and her daughters.

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