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Hajj Series: Second Day Of Hajj

by | Aug 12, 2015

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(Before performing obligations on the second day of hajj; one must know the preparatory obligations and obligations of the first day of hajj. For prerequisites of hajj, this is the first part of the hajj series: Introduction to Hajj).

Second Day Of Hajj:

On the 9th, Dhul hijjah. It’s named Yaumul Wuqu, which means “the day of standing.” All pilgrims who are present in Mina now move towards the ARAFAT. They start their journey at dawn before sunrise. During your journey to Arafat, make sure you recite istaghfar and make supplications. Try to save every moment of this precious journey! Their pilgrims spend the whole day praising their LORD and making duas! All the pilgrims pray the salat-ul-Asar and salat-ul-Zohar in a combined short form called QASAR. Pilgrims stand there with devotion till sunset, praying and asking Allah’s forgiveness; this is known as Wuquf or standing. Muslims around the world, who could not come for hajj, gain their contribution in this glorious day by observing a Fast.

The Evening Of The Second Day Of Hajj:

In the evening, the pilgrims go to a nearby open plain called Muzdalifah. That is roughly halfway between Arafat and Mina. Pilgrims offer short Maghrib Salah (Sunset Prayers) and ‘Isha Salah (Night Prayers) prayer together. On the night of this day, pilgrims collect small pebbles and stones from the ground for the purpose of stoning at jimar the following day.

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