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Arabic Grammar Is The Key To Understand Islam and Quran.

by | Sep 5, 2015

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Learning Arabic Grammar opens ways of understanding the religion of Islam and its books. Without it, one can never seek more than a fundamental level of learning and comprehension. Every Language, either Arabic or English, has two essential facts:

  • Should know about its Grammar
  • Should understand its vocabulary

Arabic Grammar Courses

These courses are essential to learning as each Language depends on its Grammar. If its Grammar is good, then Language is also good. Every book will perform two tasks, i.e., give you knowledge about Grammar and its vocabulary. If you want to judge any textbook, then you should have the ability to understand its Grammar and vocabulary. When you know how the Language works and understand its Grammar and wording, you can open the way to understanding the Language.

Ibn ‘Abbas reports that the Prophet (PBUH) instructed him, saying:

“When you ask, then ask Allah, and when you seek help, seek help in Allah. And know that if the Ummah were to gather to benefit you with something, they would not benefit you except with something Allah has already written for you.”

Learn Arabic to understand Quran

Quran is the book of Allah. The Language used in the Quran is Arabic. People who know Arabic do not face any issues related to the Language. Still, it creates problems for those who do not know the vocabulary and Grammar of the Arabic Language. Here we, “AlQuranClasses,” provide students with a basic knowledge of Arabic Grammar, enabling them to take their first steps in understanding and using non-verbal sentences. The introductory course allows you to learn the Arabic Language to understand the Quran correctly. Quran was revealed in Arabic, so one can better understand the Holy Quran by learning Arabic Grammar. Arabic vocabulary will range from classical and Quran Arabic words and expressions current in modern Arabic.

Arabic Grammar Courses open the door to understanding the religion of Islam and its knowledge. No one can know more than a basic level of Islam and its book without it.

I know that studying Arabic Grammar can be a challenge at times. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Constantly continue your intention of studying this branch of Islamic knowledge to make it exclusively for the pleasure of Allah, as it will aid you in understanding His Glorious Book better, because of which you will acquire His closeness and more taqwa, insha’Allah.
  • Do not worry if the conjugation tables and complicated descriptive terms initially overwhelm you. Keep trying to apply the knowledge of the rules to verses of the Quran.
  • Do not focus just on memorizing grammatical concepts, terms, and their definitions to pass exams. Instead, it is alright, for example, if you forget the complex definition but can identify it when you read or recite the Quran’s Arabic text and see how it ties in with the meaning of the text.
  • Consider your quest for knowledge a blessed action worthy of great reward.

Importance of Learning Arabic Grammar?

Grammar is generally defined as a specific language’s exclusive design or structure. The better we understand how a language works, the more we get a complete command of it and convey meanings eloquently. 

The Quran is revealed in the Arabic Language, which is challenging for the non-experienced Arabic speaker to understand the message and meaning, such as rewards and punishments, divine commands, Prophets’ stories, etc.

Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA) said:

تَعَلَّمُوا الْعَرَبِيَّةَ؛ فَإِنَّهَا تُثَبِّتُ الْعَقْلَ، وَتَزِيدُ فِي الْمُرُوءَةِ

“Learn Arabic for it strengthens the mind and enhances chivalry” [Al-Baihaqi, Shu’ab El-Eman [branches of faith]]

It refers to the rules of composing phrases, clauses, and words. Therefore, learning grammar is essential to understanding words written in Arabic and its Grammar in-depth.


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